About Us

IR Guns was started as a division of Infrared Thermography & Detectors Inc. when we discovered the value of temperature guns when used in the areas of maintenance, process control, HVAC applications and Emergency Response.

We run a variety of equipment from compressors to vacuum pumps to detection and monitoring equipment as part of our daily operations. Over the years we’ve seen the value of IR temp guns for detecting problems before they occur in our equipment and analyzing where problems have developed.

Since we manufacture calibration gases and sell leak detection monitors to our HVAC customers, we became aware of the need for IR Guns in the HVAC field for monitoring temperature variance.

As HAZMAT materials manufacturers and responders, we learned that the further away from dangerous materials and situations that we could monitor temperatures, the safer we were- this led us to the development of our Top Temp Gun.  Our Incident Commander is a regular feature on the web for matters relating to toxic, reactive, and/or explosive gases.

We’re industry professionals who use this equipment every day. We have a real office, manufacturing lab and technical personnel.

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